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Posted on 02/19/03 4:01:19 PM
Author: Kevin Saturna
Subject: *** Welcome!! Please Read!!
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In a continuing effort to improve the usefulness of the MPS Resource Center I have added this discussion forum in order that the dynamic of interpersonal communication might be manifest.

Because disk space is severely limited I ask that posts be related to the subject at hand. I would also appreciate the lack of any useless flame wars. It's hard to think that would be an issue, but folks often seem to find a way.

Use this for commentary, testimony, questions, anything you can think of and want to communicate regarding these keyboards and their applications.

Thanks for visiting the MPS+ Resource Center!

---Kevin Saturna (admin)

Posted on 02/21/03 3:29:58 PM
Author: O.K. Johnson
Subject: Congrats
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Nice job getting the message center up and running, Kevin. Hope people respond. This instrument is a deceptively good master controller. Most folks don't realize that. Anyway...good job!


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