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Posted on 03/02/03 11:55:59 PM
Author: Kevin Saturna
Subject: <*> March Discussion Center Update <*>
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Hello, happy March!
I have updated to a new version of Daan Deconinck's terrific software and the MPS Discussion Center now supports searching, multiple forums, help, improved navigation, the ability to edit your messages after having posted them, and graphical smilies. <br>
It also supposedly sets cookies (if you and your browser allow) so that you will easily be able to see what is new since you last visited the forums. <br>
Nobody has much to say so far except for O.K. Johnson (thanks O.K.!) but it's all good, this will just sit here until the end of time (or the net ) in case anyone wants to use it. As long as I'm poking about on the planet I will be <br>
hanging out here as well. <br>
Thanks for visiting, <br>
---Kevin Saturna


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