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Posted on 02/27/04 02:13:18 AM
Author: Kevin Saturna
Subject: Support Links Updated
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Since E-MU has changed their web site considerably since the MPS Resource Center came online it was necessary to update the link to their official site.

I am impressed that they now provide question and answers, information on repairs, as well as offering product manuals and other services. This is a great change from the bleak past, where you could hardly find evidence that the keyboard was ever produced.

I will continue to make changes and updates to the site as my HTML skills (slowly) improve, as contributions are made, and as I find interesting things to add... As few and far between as they may be.

I intend to keep this site going as long as I myself and the internet persist. Whether large or small I hope this can be a virtual community for all who have once or still currently employ this terrific musical instrument.



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